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Do not get lost in workload. Manage the workflow.
Put your work in an order, don’t forget anything.

No Tasks, No Projects

Manage your business without tasks!

Use A Problem-Solving Tool

Give up on tools that leave you insoluble in task and project vortex. Use software that will solve your problems!

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Follow The New Trend

Complex project management tools and all-inclusive monthly payment concepts are outdated. Follow the new trend, do not fall behind.

No More Monthly Payments

Witlite does not have a fixed monthly or annual payment. In Witlite, you pay once for features you buy and use them for lifetime.

Do not deal with projects and tasks

In Witlite, you do not have to deal with projects and tasks like traditional PM Tools. Witlite allows you to manage the business process as a whole and focus on the result.

Follow up process is the most important thing

Every business includes a process. Witlite allows you to follow the general workflow by dividing the process into steps.

Let your customers track the job

Thanks to Witlite's observer feature, you can make your business transparent and let your customers follow up.

Establish a special structure for your business

Each company manages its own business in a different process. Witlite allows you to create your own custom process templates so you can manage your business process in the best way.

Manage budget, Share with your customer

You can submit the costs of your business as it passes through certain processes, and you can share this information with your customers.

Do not miss future jobs

Define notifications to not skip future jobs in the chaos of business life. Let Witlite warn you when the right time comes.

Manage common files with your customers

Share documents and files over the system with your customers, speed up your business, increase communication.

While Starting

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You can start managing your business in a few steps wit Witlite.
To manage your business, you do not have to deal with new problems.
Use a tool that is easy to use and does not steal your time.

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Create a new work and start working right away, get the result rapidly.

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In the complexity of business world, we offer you a system that will be exactly what you need, instead of engaging with projects, tasks, and so on. Witlite allows you to easily manage your business without needing any training or preliminary information.


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